Regent Runs

Regent Runs

Our world and lives as we knew them have been flipped upside down, and now more than ever, it’s incredibly important to feel together, even though we can’t physically be.

Regent Runs – The 5K Run Month
Regent Group are excited to announce the 5K Run Month inspired by the Colonel himself Sir Tom Moore! So, how does it work? It’s pretty simple really, we want to encourage all of our staff and students to run individual 5K’s and then make a small donation to the Virgin Run For Heroes, it can be as little or as much as you like! You can go on your run anytime of the day and it doesn’t just have to be for one day, you can do it every day, just like Tharshiny – our very active Managing Director, Regent Group and Co-Principal, Regent Independent College!

2020 also marks an incredible 20 Years of Regent Group and this is a great way to help us celebrate it ‘together’ and make a difference!

We’ve left all the fun details below:

What: An individual 5KM Run for the Run for Heroes Charity

Where: Anywhere you like, you can pick the route, as long as its 5K!

When: It’s a month long event from 1st June to 30th June, 2020. But don’t worry, you don’t have to run every day of the month, just once would be great!

Donate: A simple process, simply follow this link, click on the DONATE Button and it’s pretty easy from there

Can’t Participate? Don’t worry if you can’t, you can always find your own method of supporting Regent Runs by exploring different ways. Perhaps it’s through Jump Roping, or even doing 100 Star Jumps, every little helps!

Let’s get Social: The best part right? Feel free to share any pictures/videos pre, during, or post run on our FB Group Page: Regent Runs. You can also share screenshots of your donation to the page! Whatever you choose to post, please tag @RegentGroupUK @RegentCollegeLondon @ RegentCollegeIndependent @Acornhousecollege and the hashtags – #RegentRuns #5KRunMonth so that we can see everyone who has taken part! We also encourage you to share on your own social pages, to help inspire others!

There we have it, our very exciting 5K Run Month! We can also proudly announce that Regent Group will contribute £20 onto each individual donation!

Will you be taking on the 5K Run? Let’s get running Regent!

For any further info, please contact:

Regent Runs










Dr. Selva Pankaj attends Executive Education Program at Stanford

Selva attends Executive Education Program at Stanford

Dr. Selva Pankaj, CEO, Regent Group and Creator & Author, Thinking into Character attended the Leading Change and Organizational Renewal executive education programme at the Stanford Graduate School of Business between 27th October and 1st November, 2019.

The one week intensive programme, a unique collaboration between Stanford and Harvard, aimed to help participants overcome the inertial forces that plague big organisations in order to design an ambidextrous organization that can generate streams of innovation.

Led by Stanford GSB’s Charles O’Reilly and Harvard Business School’s Michael Tushman, the programme provided a proven methodology for diagnosing strategic challenges combined with design thinking techniques and business-challenge work groups to help organisations innovate.

As part of an Innovation Challenge assignment, Selva presented a case study on how he looks to build Regent College London and turn it into a fully-fledged university: Regent Hill University, incorporating our transformational programme, Thinking into Character, into the process. The programme provided a systematic methodology for dissecting challenges, and developing tools for promoting innovation and strategic change within the organisation.

Selva benefitted from guidance from the course leaders on the strategies recommended for this shift in the organisation and has now disseminated the methods learnt to his senior leadership team.

Dr. Selva attends Executive Education Program at Stanford










Dr. Selva Pankaj wins Businessman of the Year at the 3rd London Asian Business Awards 2019

Winner Logo - London Asian Business Awards 2019

Winner Logo - London Asian Business Awards 2019

Dr. Selva Pankaj, CEO and Co-Founder, Regent Group won the Businessman of the Year award at the London Asian Business Awards 2019.

Some of the best professionals and businesses received an award for their achievements over the last year at the 3rd London Asian Business Awards 2019. 32 finalists across London were crowned winners. The event took place at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington on Friday 11th October.

The event personified the spirit of London’s South-Asian community. The night was one of inspiration with the range of finalists reflecting the sheer number of London industries with Asian impact and presence. Categories included Rising Star, Young Entrepreneur of the Year and International Business of the Year.

The London Business Journal were official media partners for the Awards. Charity partners were The Asian Women’s Resource Centre who provide specialist domestic violence support services to women and children across London.

The London Asian Business Awards 2019 sponsored by Gatehouse Bank and presented by Greenleaf Catering, are organised by Oceanic Consulting – the UK’s leading ethnic awards company. CEO Irfan Younis said “I’d like to congratulate all winners and finalists awarded at the 3rd London Asian Business Awards 2019. The evening was one of absolute talent and inspiration. London’s Asian Business community are the perfect role models for future generations of aspiring entrepreneurs.”

With 13 years of experience, Oceanic Consulting host annual award ceremonies in major English, Scottish and Irish cities. Campaigns include the Curry Awards, Asian Business, Asian Food, British Muslim, British Indian and Britain’s Asian Wedding Awards.


Dr. Selva Pankaj receives Honorary Doctorate Award from The University of Bolton

Dr. Selva Pankaj, CEO, Regent Group received an Honorary Doctorate Award from The University of Bolton. The University of Bolton includes many successful people from various fields in its list of honorary graduates. Each year, the university bestows honorary awards to those who have contributed to the academic work of the university or earned distinction for their services to education, business, culture or the community.

Honorary Doctorate Award from The University of Bolton Honorary Doctorate Award from The University of Bolton Honorary Doctorate Award from The University of Bolton Honorary Doctorate Award from The University of Bolton


Global Unity Dinner and Dance 2019

Global Unity Dinner and Dance 2019

The Global Unity Dinner 2019, which succeeds and widens the reach of the Sri Lankan Unity Dinner 2018, promoted harmony, union and commonality between individuals worldwide in recognition of the importance of celebrating ‘oneness’ in the struggle against division of all kinds. The event sought to underline the importance of changing attitudes if we are ever to stamp out the issues that result in conflict.

On 8th July 2019, friends, family, colleagues, business leaders, community representatives and politicians gathered to celebrate the Global Unity Dinner 2019 hosted at the May Fair Hotel in central London by Dr Selva and Mrs Tharshiny Pankaj.

The event commenced with a champagne reception before guests were encouraged to make their way into the Danziger Suite as the National Anthems of Britain and Sri Lanka marked the start of the proceedings with Selva and Tharshiny welcoming one and all. Tharshiny then shared with the audience a message of support for the Global Unity Dinner from Prime Minister Theresa May.

Dr Rami Ranger spoke of the personal experiences of unity within his family as his father moved to the UK and the requisite period of adjustment as he settled. One of the highlights of the evening was the unveiling of a bust of Selva’s late father, Senior Selvanayagam, sculpted by Prof Nadey Hakim, which was much admired for its likeness.

This was followed by the launch of Selva’s book, Thinking into Character, a guide to the creation of success and self-fulfilment. Prof George Holmes quizzed Selva on his inspiration for the book, what it could teach us, and how it could change mind-sets. Grace was performed by Dr Maurizio Bragagni and guests then enjoyed a variety of beautifully presented starters.

Mr Simon Blagden then held the attention of the audience as he spoke about British values, such as tolerance, kindness and inclusivity, and the necessity of teaching these at a young age so that children grow up with these traits embedded. Mr Rohan Pallewatta spoke of the horror of the Easter 2019 terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka and the changes he believed that the government should make to minimise a repeat of such an occurrence.

The next speech was carried out by Sir Anthony Seldon who drew attention to the lessons that must be learnt when tragedies occur and the difference this can make to current and future generations. A presentation by the team behind the Unstoppable charity then followed as they explained the work that the charity was doing promoting the well-being of young girls in a variety of African villages, making efforts to secure clean drinking water and the provision of schools and hospitals.

Mr Kailash Suri, Mr Tony Lit and Mr Mohamed Amersi then took to the stage with a lively and thought provoking discussion around the root causes of conflict and Tony relayed some of the words of wisdom his own father had shared with him. The keynote speech followed, presented by Mr Paul Scully, who spoke of steps being taken by the Conservative Party to promote unity within UK communities.

Tharshiny and Mr Ronel Lehmann then invited Miss Victoria de Silva, daughter of the late Sir Desmond de Silva QC, who was part of the team that successfully prosecuted Charles Taylor, the former president of Liberia for war crimes, to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award on behalf of her father. Guests then relished a delicious main before Ronel drew formal proceedings to a close with a loyal toast. The evening concluded with mouth-watering desserts and dancing as Sky High provided a variety of music to encourage guests to mingle and take to the floor.

Programme brochure

Global Unity Dinner and Dance 2019 Global Unity Dinner and Dance 2019 Global Unity Dinner and Dance 2019 Global Unity Dinner and Dance 2019 Global Unity Dinner and Dance 2019

Global Unity Dinner and Dance 2019


Regent College London opens new campus in London

Regent College London Opening

Regent College London opened its fifth and newest campus at 153 Great Titchfield Street on Friday, 12th July, 2019. The College will offer a range of Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business courses, Foundation years, Bachelor’s degrees and Top-up degrees in business, health and social care and computing from September 2019.

Regent College London is part of North West London education provider Regent Group and already has four campuses in Wembley, Kingsbury, Harrow and Southall.

The opening ceremony was led by Professor George Holmes, the vice chancellor of the University of Bolton and also featured speeches by Dr Selva Pankaj, CEO, Regent Group and Professor Mark Mabey, the principal of Regent College London.

The London campus will serve as the London Academic Centre of the University of Bolton. The foundation years, bachelor’s degrees and top degrees will be validated by the University of Bolton.

Regent Group celebrate as Great Titchfield Street university campus opens

Regent College London Opening

Regent College London Opening

Regent College London Opening

Regent College London Opening

Regent College London Opening

Regent College London Opening



Visions and Dreams

Amelia’s story

It started with a dream.
I dreamed of orange sand. I dreamed of walking through poppy fields and olive fields. I could see myself there as in a photograph.

Waking up in a morning after that dream my heart shouted: Provence, Provence, Provence!

That moment was like a revelation. My dream was a vision that shook my world. As I awoke, I felt what I dreamt, and I knew that this feeling connected to my past, present and future.

It is hard to explain in words – that’s why I’m an artist – but the feeling I had following the dream was overwhelming, and it represented something in my soul. There was something, somewhere deep inside myself, and it was trying to reveal itself to me.

It was very obvious in my mind what I needed to do. I had to go to Provence.

My trip to Provence
I went to Provence to find something of myself.

I went to Provence to discover what it was that my soul was trying to communicate to me through my vision.

I new that whatever I found there, I would have to transform it into art.

The project begins
I went to Provence and I took photos that were an expression of my vision. I decided to transform each of the photographs into a painting, and to connect these different visual representations to the feeling that was the source of both images. I decided to represent the feeling through poetry.

The feeling that I want to create is like something passing throughout my soul, like continuous water, spilling from my grandfather through me.

Through the three different mediums (photography, painting and poetry) I want to achieve a union between past, present and future.

I will host an exhibition in a poppy field or in an olive oil field in Provence, where people are free to walking and look at my work. The pictures, paintings and poetry will be hung onto trees, and various landmarks, they will be part of the landscape. People walking can discover them as they walk. It will not be an ordinary exhibition.

Bringing visions to life
I never thought it would be possible to bring my vision to life through an exhibition in Provence, and now that is exactly what I am planning!
Being involved in the Thinking into Character Pilot is just amazing. I trust myself more and I believe I can make the impossible happen for me.
I really understand that a vision is not something that you force to come in your mind. It is a powerful divine mixture, and you can bring it to life.

Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story

Visions and Dreams Amelia’s story









Regent Nursery, Harrow achieves Ofsted Outstanding grading

Ofsted Outstanding grading

Regent Nursery, Harrow was inspected by Ofsted in March 2019 with its Overall Effectiveness being graded Outstanding. Effectiveness of the leadership and management, quality of teaching, learning and assessment, personal development, behaviour and welfare, and outcomes for children were also all rated as Outstanding.

Some of the key aspects the inspector complimented were as follows:

“Inclusion is at the heart of everything that staff do in the provision. They place high importance on identifying and planning for children’s individual needs, including for children learning English as an additional language.”

“Children make outstanding progress in relation to their individual starting points. Children are extremely well prepared for the next stages in their learning, including the move on to school.”

“Partnerships with parents are highly effective. For example, staff keep parents fully informed about their children’s academic progress and actively engage them in planning their children’s next steps.”

Regent Nursery, part of education provider Regent Group, was established 15 years ago by husband and wife Selva and Tharshiny Pankaj, who sent their own two daughters to the nursery, and over the years they have continuously worked hard and supported the management in their pursuit and maintenance of the highest standards of care.

“When parents come into the nursery we want them to feel like this will be a second home to their children; the staff team are well established and work as though they are family,” states Tharshiny.

Manager Anne Marie continues, “We understand that choosing a nursery for your child is one of the hardest decisions you will need to make, and upon visiting the nursery we aim to make parents feel comfortable by not rushing them and allowing them plenty of time to ask all the questions that they would like to. My belief is that parents just have a feeling when they find the right nursery for their child.”

Ofsted inspected the provision across four key areas before coming to an overall judgement.

Effectiveness of leadership and management: rated Outstanding
“Leaders welcome the views of staff, parents and others, and successfully act on them to provide an excellent service”

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment: rated Outstanding
“Children are extremely excited and motivated to learn”

Personal development, behavior and welfare: rated Outstanding
“Staff are excellent role models for the children. They use praise and reassurance to successfully boost children’s confidence and self-esteem”

Outcomes for children: rated Outstanding
“Children are confident and independent learners. Older children know letters and sounds, and can read and write many words, such as their names, correctly.”

Regent Nursery has recently opened a second site in Southall and are applying the same practices to continue to provide an outstanding service to the children in their care.

Potential parents may also be interested to know that the nursery, which offers hot meals, has facilities with extensive learning and play equipment, along with a large outdoor play area and is open from 8am to 6pm. Regent Nursery offers half day, full day and funded sessions.

If you would like to visit the nursery to look around, please do make contact with them on 02089335410 or email them on

Regent Nursery is located close to Rayners Lane tube station. Alternatively, further information about the nursery and the full Ofsted report can be viewed at

Ofsted Outstanding grading