Enriching Experience

Regent Group uses as its motto: The End of Education is Character – and character is built through experience. All parts of the Group are intent upon offering learners the opportunity to extend their knowledge base and to contribute to how they access and experience learning.

The opportunities at all levels actively encourage learners to be participative, whether this be through in-class activity or through innovative assessment methodologies. All learners are deliberately challenged to reach their full potential, and to enrich their experience of learning both as individuals and within group dynamics. All the academic team, as well as support and administrative staff, are expected to engage with learners as partners in their education, and as stakeholders in the experience that Regent Group is able to offer them.

It is through these levels of engagement that learners are always seen as contributing and participating in their own development to fulfil their own aspirations, and to increase their own life experience.

Enriching experience is further facilitated by a pedagogical approach, facilitating change, desirable residuals of education process and working with the concept that learners are co-constructors of learning.