Modern ways to Learn

Regent Group as a whole is engaged with innovative methods of education delivery, and uses state of the art platforms for curriculum development and support systems. The group responds to developments in information technology and invests in specific enhancement programmes aimed to increase ease of access, and to improve the learner experience. The most recent developments include the Higher Education Learning Platform (HELP) offering a portal for both students and staff to access and be contributors to the evolution of higher award delivery, and a state of the art management information system to track learners’ progress at all levels. All of these build upon an established expertise in on-line development of course related material, study support systems, and experimentation with levels of learner interaction.

Modern ways to learn need to be fostered with new habits of learning. Regent Group embraces its provision on the following ethos of learning.

  • Organise and design your own learning; self teaching concepts
  • Think on your feet and learn with agility; floundering intelligently
  • Persevering and persist with difficulty
  • Manage attention amidst competition; Learn to concentrate
  • Question and check language claims; Inquiring mind
  • Form effective team for work and study
  • Check and improve your own work; craftsmanship
  • Adopt multiple perspectives; empathy