Harmony House


The words ‘radicalisation and extremism’ have become much used words over the last two years within the UK. Not only have there been a number of serious incidents, both at home and abroad, splashed across national newspapers, but a pervading sense of unease has developed in respect of the number of individuals, both British and otherwise, who are becoming involved in this unthinkable way of life.

Naturally, prevention is better than cure and so the nation must consider ways to halt this worrying trend. Regent Group, a north-west London based education provider, believes that this responsibility lies with all of us, and that due to their special place in the community, education providers have a big part to play.

Regent Group believes that it is our legal and moral duty to safeguard our students, in all ways, and we endeavour to identify and deal with problems before they develop. We strive to keep our students safe, within the law, and work to instil in them a spirit of community cohesion. Whilst we support them in their religious and political beliefs, at all times we underline the importance of respecting our commonalities; and we actively promote our cherished British values. We see this as a global initiative to make this wonderful world a safe place in which to live and enjoy life for generations to come.

Therefore we would like to introduce to you a particular initiative – Harmony House. We will run training sessions and workshops in partnership with parents/carers, educational institutions, local communities, places of worship and organisations wherever people come together.



  • Community involvement
  • Social responsibility
  • Contribute to community cohesion
  • Financial support


  • Share expertise and experiences
  • Network with colleagues across the sector
  • Identify and support people at risk of radicalisation
  • Learning, teaching, curriculum planning and
  • Policy development

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