Regent Group is in the education sector to create powerful and influential Regent Alumni. Regent Group is most proud of our past students’ achievements. Since its inception at the turn of the millennium thousands of students have achieved academic success and studied at various prestigious universities. Currently our Alumni have achieved professional status as medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, ophthalmologists, chartered accountants, lawyers, engineers, computer programmers, teachers, traders, bankers, social workers, nurses, actuaries, pilots, investment bankers, entrepreneurs, government advisors and some are indeed leading various successful organisations as business leaders and CEOs.

Regent Group is extremely proud that, as a result of its existence, it has created a diverse range of professionals and individuals who will lead the world in science, economics, business, politics and technology.

Regent Alumni are the end product of Regent Group’s ultimate success and, to take the key ethos forward – “The End Result of Education is Character”.